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4 Americans That North Korean Government Arrested

The list of Americans that North Korean government arrested is growing, despite the president of the United States warning people to not to travel to that country. Those Americans still in North Korea have all been notified to get to the embassy or risk the fate of Americans being arrested and tortured in North Korean prisons. Despite the United States being notified, tensions have made it impossible to negotiate their release. The bottom line, any Americans that are detained in North Korea have little to no options for recourse.

This is a list of the most recent four U.S. citizens that are or were held in North Korea’s mysterious gulags:

1. Tong Kim – American Tony Kim also goes by his Korean name of Kim Sang Duk, and was a teacher at PUST. This 50-year-old man was arrested at the Pyongyang airport trying to leave North Korea. No allegations were announced after his arrest, but according to PUST, the detention appeared to be the result of something not related to his activities at the school. Information from North Korea is murky at best, and speculation is that Kim was involved in some extracurricular activities like volunteering at an orphanage that could have caused his arrest. His wife may still be living in North Korea, yet no authorities from North Korea have explained what charges are being filed against Kim at this time.