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4 Americans That North Korean Government Arrested

2. Kim Dong Chul – Naturalized United States citizen Kim Dong Chul was born in South Korea and arrested in North Korea on charges of espionage and list of undisclosed crimes. Chul ran a hotel services firm between DPRK and China, and his arrest and secret detention was only brought to light three months later when the North Korean authorities introduced Kim Dong Chul to a CNN crew that was visiting Pyongyang. Chul was convicted in March of 2016 and sentenced to 10 years of hard labor. It appears that the sentence was in response to the steep sanctions that were levied on North Korea only days earlier. Kim Dong Chul delivered an apology and confession publicly that he was spying on the country on behalf of South Korea. According to reports about that conference, Kim Dong Chul supposedly admitted to bribing several North Korean residents for any information about Pyongyang’s current nuclear weapons program.

3. Kim Hak Song – Working at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea for weeks, suddenly Kim Hak Song was detained as he was trying to leave the country. According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim Hak Song was arrested for hostile acts toward North Korea, but no details about his age, his current occupation, or the alleged crime were released. Song was in North Korea and doing some agricultural development work at the university. This is the second staffer to have worked at this university to be arrested and detained. It is still unclear if Kim and Song had any connection with one another. The university says in a statement neither were in contact with each other and they were not doing anything that would warrant an arrest.