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4 Signs Trump Might Start a War Against North Korea

President Trump has already said that this year the United States was ready to unleash a fire and fury on North Korea the likes no one has ever seen. While many think this is just a ploy to flex our muscle to get Kim Jong Un to scale back his nuclear program, there are others that see this as a warning of serious trouble on the horizon.

To get a better understanding about the severity and tension in this situation, we take a closer look at the signs Trump might start a war against North Korea.

1. North Korean Missiles Getting Closer
Each time North Korea is in the news, it appears Kim Jong Un is congratulating his military leaders about their ability to get their missiles to get even closer to the United States, and New York City in particular. Kim Jong Un has made it clear that he would like nothing more than to reach the hometown of President Trump with one of his intercontinental ballistic missiles. If this trend continues, Trump is going to get increasingly annoyed and this could be the sign that he has had enough and retaliated with a strike like the world has never seen before. Each time North Korea inches closer, Trump is being pressured to have to make the ultimate decision that will affect millions of innocent people.