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4 Signs Trump Might Start a War Against North Korea

2. Kim Jong Un Refusing to Back Down
Despite President Trump telling Kim Jong Un that he needs to back off or North Korea faces certain annihilation, the dictator is not budging. In fact, each time Kim Jong Un is scolded by Trump, he defiantly launches another missile party aimed right at the shores of the United States. When Trump issues a warning that the United States has superior firepower and will wipe North Korea and millions of innocent people off the planet, Kim Jong Un appears to feed off the verbiage and continues his quest for a nuclear war. There is going to come a point where the United States and President Trump will have to take action when the next line in the sand has been crossed by the reckless dictator of North Korea.

3. Trump’s Approval Rating Sinking
Each time you turn on the news, it appears that Trump’s approval rating has hit a new historic low. President Trump simply can not do anything right in his country, one side will berate him regardless if they like or dislike the decision, just because of their hated of the new president. As the approval rating keeps sinking, Trump is going to have to do something to avoid being labeled the worst president in US history, and eliminating part of the Evil Axis might be exactly what could give him that boost. By starting the war with North Korea, Trump will hopefully eliminate the chance for Kim Jong Un to strike and show that he can back up his words. That might be just enough to boost Trump’s approval rating.