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4 Signs Trump Might Start a War Against North Korea

4. Wanting to Fight a Brand New War
One of the unfortunate things for President Trump is that he inherited two wars from former presidents. Trump has both Bush’s and Obama’s wars to clean up, and this isn’t something that has a clear outcome. In order to separate his presidency from the rest, Trump may need to own a war he can call his own. Each time Kim Jong Un keeps pushing the envelope and launching missiles aimed at the United States, Trump is debating if he wants his legacy to include his very own war. The combination of Trump’s low approval rating, an out of control North Korean dictator, and the need to keep his word, Trump could do something no president in recent years has been able to accomplish. Wiping North Korea off the map would strengthen ties with allies and give those who support North Korea reason to take notice that the US is once again a global superpower.

While these signs Trump might start a war against North Korea have many people on edge, there are no winners when two countries decide to go to nuclear war. Despite all the attention lately, this is not the first or last president who will draw a line i the sand with North Korea.