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4 Ways North Korean Conflict Could Start World War 3

President Trump certainly has his hands full during his first year in office with matters pertaining to North Korea. Each time the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un launches a missile towards the United States, he defiantly is doing it to irk President Trump. Kim Jong Un already has found ways to get under the skin of the President of the United States, and whether he realizes it or not, these conflicts could in fact start World War III with the rest of the world.

Here are four signs North Korea conflict could start World War III:

1. The Trump Missile Crisis
President Trump has a very big problem on his hands. On the one side, he has made numerous threats to the North Korean dictator to stop with the quest to launch a nuclear missile towards the United States, on the other hand Trump knows he has the muscle to eradicate North Korea but might not be willing to be the man to press that button. Each time Trump warns Kim Jong Un to stop testing missiles in the Pacific Ocean, a North Korean missile is launched that goes even higher and further. There is going to come a point where Trump will not be able to make threats and must take action, and a full-scale nuclear war may be required to eliminate any threat of retaliation.