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4 Ways North Korean Conflict Could Start World War 3

2. The Threat of Nuclear War is Real
It was only a few years ago that North Korea and Kim Jong Un were the laughing stocks of the world when it came to fighting a nuclear war. North Korea could barely get a missile off the ground let alone have it fly several thousand miles and hit the United States. While the rest of the world was laughing, it appears Kim Jong Un was secretly building his nuclear capabilities and planning a full-scale attack on the rest of the world if needed. Each week, North Korea is now testing missiles that fly over Japan and are landing closer and closer to the United States. If the warhead on top of the missile is shrunk and the accuracy improves, there is no doubt that Kim Jong Un could in fact hit any major city in the Unites States in the very near future.

3. Trump Appears to Be in Quicksand
Each time you turn on the news it appears that President Trump’s approval rating is sinking to a new historic low. When it gets to the point that nothing Trump does can salvage his legacy, he is going to want to take a stand and do something no other president in recent years has successfully done. Trump is tired of having to deal with issues left over by former presidents, and one way to cement his name as a leader who did anything necessary to protect the United States would be to wipe North Korea off the map. Why this could start World War III is simple, if the attack leaves any secret military bases in tact in North Korea, they could launch their nuclear missiles at a number of crowded US cities and trigger a full-scale global World War III.