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4 Ways North Korean Conflict Could Start World War 3

4. Getting Help from New Allies
One of the ways that North Korea could trigger World War III is by getting United States allies to side with them as the threat of war nears. Most countries already know that China, Bulgaria, Benin, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, will all side with North Korea if Trump tries to bully Kim Jong Un, but what happens if Russia joins the ranks? If Russia were to turn their backs on the United States and welcome North Korea as an ally, then President Trump really has a problem on his hands. If Russia sides with Kim Jong Un, World War III will likely eliminate the majority of the people on the planet today. President Trump can not be too confident about Russia, considering how tensions are now mounting with these two world powers recently.

These four signs North Korea conflict could start World War III are in fact real. The United States must find a way to compromise with Kim Jong Un sooner than later or the aging dictator may grow too powerful and be in a position to start a war without provocation.