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6 Countries That Will Support North Korea if it Starts a War With USA

5. Madagascar – While the alliance between North Korea and Madagascar might seem unlikely on the surface, it goes back several decades and has to do with how well North Korea treated the country. Dating back to the early 1970s, North Korea began helping Madagascar to build their fledgling presidential Lavoloha Palace. North Korea also helped with building Madagascar’s waterways, all of these were free of charge, something that only helped to strengthen the bond of these two.

6. The Democratic Republic of Congo – Despite the Democratic Republic of Congo being notoriously unstable, North Korea has only strengthened ties with them in recent years. Recently it was discovered through a confidential report that was supplied to the UN Security Council that North Korea was supplying several Congolese troops and their police force with various weapons and combat training, in a sense breaking a UN arms embargo. The Democratic Republic of Congo would certainly want to side with Kim Jong-un’s army if a war with the United States was to unfold.

When it comes to which countries would support North Korea in case it attacks USA, these six are at the top of the list and have more to gain by siding with the North Korean dictator.