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7 Signs That North Korea Will Start a War With USA

Signs are becoming more obvious each day that North Korea has no problem starting a full-scale war with anyone, especially the United States. Is North Korea a real threat though to world peace? As long as they have Kim Jong-Un and nuclear capabilities, the risk is real for everyone. According to that regime defector of North Korea, his New Year’s resolution was to be a fully fledged nuclear power, and after tests over Japan recently, it appears that vision is nor a reality.

Many countries neighboring North Korea now believe that as long as the dictator is in power, North Korea is never going to give up its nuclear weapons. No amount of money, no amount of threats, and no amount of restrictions will result in North Korea giving up those weapons of mass destruction, and it appears the United States in now in the cross hairs of the next major war if provoked further.

Here are a few signs North Korea will start war with USA:

1. Money is No Object – North Korea does not need the money, nor will it accept millions or trillions of dollars in return for giving up their nuclear weapons. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has spent consider time and money to get that nuclear program off the ground to be able to compete with global powers, and relishes the opportunity to flex his muscle if provoked.