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7 Signs That North Korea Will Start a War With USA

2. Dealing with Rats – Kim Jong-Un has already said on many occasions that he thinks the United States leaders are nothing more than a bunch of dirty rats all sneaking around in the dark. His obsession with the United States is causing him to create scenarios in his mind that he believes, like his unfounded claims the CIA is plotting to take him out. His way of dealing with this rats is by launching a nuclear war head over the Pacific.

3. Punishing All Americans – North Korea, and Kim Jong-Un specifically, has made it very clear that they have every right to punish any America citizen in North Korea ruthlessly. The country has already told the Trump administration they are on the verge of a full-scale nuclear war, despite Trump telling the dictator to back off or that country will be dealing with the repercussions.

4. Mocking North Korea – Kim Jong-Un is well aware of all the jokes Americans are making on social media about his missile program. He has warned the United States to stop mocking his country and their military force. In particular, Kim Jong-Un says if the mocking of his missile program continues, North Korea will nuke New York City just to silence President Trump.