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7 Signs That North Korea Will Start a War With USA

5. Nuclear Drills – When President Trump decides to perform some mock drills by deploying several supersonic bombers to North Korea, Kim Jong-Un took offense. The dictator saw that nuke drill as a threat, and tested his own warheads right over Japan as a show of defiance. Each time the United States tries to flex their muscle to get North Korea to retreat, Kim Jong-Un fires up his military and begins shooting missiles into the Pacific. He has warned President Trump on many occasions that if these pressure tactics continue, he will hit US sol with a warhead in retaliation.

6. The Latest Surprise – Even the President of the United States was surprised when North Korea showed its hand and the far-reaching capabilities of their nuclear weapons. Many in the United States were in fact surprised how far the nuclear program in North Korea had progressed, and the latest missile test confirmed those fears. Just last month, North Korea launched the Hwasong-12 missile, a show of strength in defiance of South Korea partnering with Donal Trump to go after the country.

7. Unprovoked Missile Testing – Perhaps one of the most dangerous signs that North Korea is ready to start a full-scale nuclear war with the United States is the increase in missile testing over foreign lands. These testings are becoming more frequent, more accurate, and more powerful. North Korea is showing its hand to not only try to scare the USA, but to bait them into a war.