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Did Trump Administration Do a Good Job Responding To Recent Hurricanes?

The thing about hurricanes is that they can be unpredictable right up until the eye-wall hits land. A slight bounce or wobble could spare one part of a city and destroy another. This year has been a hurricane season in the United States for the record books. In no other time has so many massive category four and five hurricanes slammed into land and decimated everything in their paths. One thing that can definitely be measured after the hurricane has passed is the relief efforts, and the Trump administration is just now starting to see the grades they have received in their efforts to responding to hurricane relief.

Destruction in Unimaginable Numbers
When Hurricane Harvey hung around Texas for a week and caused flooding the likes that have not been seen in 500 years, the damage left behind was historic. The relief efforts were just getting underway in Texas when monstrous hurricanes were lining up one after another to destroy parts of Florida, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Unlike the failed efforts that surrounded Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the Trump administration has certainly learned from those failed efforts of a decade ago and appear to have improved the ways in which those in need are cared for and how the rebuilding process proceeds. Every resource that was available at the time was quickly released and deployed to areas in Texas most in need.