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Did Trump Administration Do a Good Job Responding To Recent Hurricanes?

Picking Up the Pieces
It’s one thing for President Trump to stand in the Rose Garden and tell reporters that his administration did a great job in Texas, in Florida, in Louisiana, in Georgia, and in Alabama, it is another to really take a closer look at the efforts. Days after Texas saw historic flooding in major cities, Trump and his team were on the ground accessing the damage and even helping with relief efforts. Trump says the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been doing amazing work, despite being stretched to its limits after three major hurricanes in a month. Trump never distanced himself from the hurricanes, and refused to congratulate anyone until all the work was finished. Trump talked with real victims of the storm in Texas, and even handed out boxes of hot dogs and potato chips to local residents.

The Job Far From Over
No sooner did Trump and his team feel they had relief efforts well underway in Texas, a monster hurricane rode through the middle of Florida like a buzz saw. Parts of Florida look like they were leveled by a nuclear bomb, and the Trump administration was again on the scene to help. Despite the last president playing golf while relief efforts were underway in his administration, Trump was on the ground days after the destruction meeting with families, helping with humanitarian efforts, and releasing everything the state needed to rebuild. Utility trucks from as far as Canada drove to Florida to help get the state back online. Even when Puerto Rico was leveled after the latest hurricane, the Trump administration quickly deployed Navy ships to help the decimated country. Issues about territories and trading regulations were on the back burner, Trump made it clear this was about helping people in a time of need.