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Did Trump Administration Do a Good Job Responding To Recent Hurricanes?

Focusing on Helping Those in Trouble
As a line of hurricanes left destruction behind in numerous states, the Trump administration never appeared to be overwhelmed by the issues at hand. Each time a governor asked for emergency funds, Trump quickly ordered the funds to be released. If FEMA was being stretched to thin, Trump allotted more cash. Each time a call came in for help, FEMA and homeland security quickly responded. The Red Cross made use of local agencies to collect and distribute food, clothing, and bare necessities to those most impacted by the destruction. Trump assured residents of Texas, Florida, Georgia, and everywhere impacted, that his administration would help with the rebuilding process swiftly.

As the destruction left behind from the hurricanes is still piling up on the streets of several states, the final grade to be given to the Trump administration on how they handled the crisis is still to be written. One thing is certain, Trump’s team did make themselves present at every step of the crisis, they responded in a timely manner, they afforded every governor exactly what they requested, and it appears they learned from the mistakes of previous administration efforts.