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Politicians Who Are Extremely Against Kneeling During National Anthem

The list of politicians who are extremely against kneeling during National Anthem seems to be growing as more public support for veterans and those fighting in the military are taking a stand. This kneeling during the National Anthem started as a peaceful protest, but now has become a defiant gesture towards the opinions of a president, and the people doing the protesting aren’t even sure exactly what message they are trying to get out there to the masses. As the protects get more confusing and the reasons behind the protests more political, the list of politicians who are extremely against kneeling during National Anthem begins to climb.

Taking a Stand for the Flag and Country
What started as a protest last year against injustice between white police and black criminals, has become something of a muddied water mix of a hatred for the president, racial injustice, and pride for the military. Today, many feel that the American flag and racial injustice should not be in the same conversation. The same black football players wanting justice are the same people who make millions of dollars a year thanks to the freedom afforded to them to play a game for money. Protesting about racial injustice while using the American flag as the vehicle was never going to be a good mix because there are many who support the military and don’t appreciate mixing the two. Standing for the flag has always been about our freedom, our country, and our military, forcing people to relate racial injustice to a few individuals is not going over well with the masses.