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Politicians Who Are Extremely Against Kneeling During National Anthem

Rallying Behind the President
When Donal Trump made a clear statement about how anyone kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem should be fired, he lit a powder-keg that has taken these protests in a whole new direction. The original concept of kneeling during playing of the Anthem was to cast a spotlight on police brutality towards blacks, but now the NFL players have decided to rely with each other to oppose the president. When Trump says boycott games and television, it hit the owners in the pockets. Now the owners are seen on the sidelines a year after this issue was raised, and it is clear they don’t want their brand tarnished, which results in them losing money. Racial equality has been lost in the mix.

Politicians Taking a Stand with Trump
One of the things you can count on when it comes to politicians is they speak in riddles, they blur the lines, they don’t give clear facts, basically riding both sides of the fence to avoid alienating one group of potential supporters. Kneeling during the National Anthem has given many politicians a platform to show their support for the military, the president, this country, and everything the flag represents.

Here are other politicians who are extremely against kneeling during National Anthem:

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick of Texas says Americans have always honored this flag, this countries military, all of the first responders, and our country, by standing for our National Anthem.

United States Sen. Chuck Grassley says that when kneeling is involved, it is representative of a time to pray, not protest.