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States That Are in The Most Danger if North Korea Starts a War With USA

With all the recent missile testing by North Korea, many people living in the United States are on edge concerning how far can those warheads reach. To make matters worse, North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un has made it very clear he will punish Americans because he feels the country is full of rats that sneak around in the dark.

Let’s take a closer look at the states that are in most danger if North Korea starts war with USA.

Recent North Korea Missile Testing – Alaska

According to South Korea joint chiefs of staff, they determined that the latest missile launch by North Korea would be capable of hitting Alaska. The reason being is the payload, the distance, and other variables made it more likely the North Korean dictator could get a missile with a nuclear warhead to the edges of Alaska more easily now than first determined. Based on the range, the payload, and the accuracy, President Donald Trump expressed concern but condemned the launch and said that the United States will act swiftly to ensure its security.