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States That Are in The Most Danger if North Korea Starts a War With USA

Pressuring North Korea – Washington, Oregon, and California

When it became evident North Korea could reach the United States with a nuclear warhead, President Trump threatened Kim Jong-un will retaliation unlike the world has ever seen if his nuclear program is not disarmed. By threatening to isolate North Korea, it will weaken their economy, deprive the people who live their, but anger the dictator to possible come through on his promise of a nuclear war with the United States. As more evidence is coming forward to the degree of nuclear capabilities North Korea has, other states are now within range of being hit if those missiles are deployed. With a lighter payload, Kim Jong-un could launch missiles that might reach Washington, Oregon, and California.

Closing the Window on Ballistic Missiles – Colorado and Illinois

The White House has been desperately trying to stop Kim Jong-un from getting his hands on more intercontinental ballistic missiles, but testing continues and global fears are becoming a scary reality. North Korea had a missile test last month that showed President Trump that the Hwasong-14’s maximum range with an extremely large-sized heavy nuclear warhead could reach well into the United States. The United States took that launch as a grave warning because it does have the potential to now reach as far inland as Colorado and Illinois. The reason for the concern is that particular missile flew for almost one hour, went over 2,300 miles high, and cleared approximately 621 miles in distance.