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States That Are in The Most Danger if North Korea Starts a War With USA

Eliminating the Threat 

The United States and President Trump know there is no quick fix as far as separating North Korea from their nuclear missiles. Trying to attempt a surgical strike to end the threat could in fact make matters worse. The reason being is that North Korea has had way too long to conceal their efforts in secrecy, and now, North Korea’s nuclear facilities and missiles are hidden and dispersed throughout the entire country’s mountainous terrain. Missing them on the first attempt via a surgical strike will leave over 10 million people throughout Seoul and 38 million in Tokyo vulnerable to missile attacks. North Korea could quickly retaliate with nuclear or conventional warheads, wiping out US military personal stationed in northeast Asia.

Reaching the Entire United States

Once that attempt to disarm is underway, if it is not 100% successful North Korea could immediately send a nuclear missile towards the United States. One thing to consider is that if the payload is smaller, the missile launched by North Korea could in fact go even further. Not only would the entire west coast and inland states be at risk, but now Kim Jong-un can come thorough on his promise to decimate President Trump’s hometown of New York. Even if that missile was offline and missed the state of New York, traveling that far inland puts every single state in jeopardy of being struck by a nuclear warhead and faces catastrophic devastation.

It all comes down to science, the heavier the payload on the missile, the shorter the range of that missile. The lighter the payload, the further inland those missiles will reach and could be more accurate as well. Even a smaller nuclear warhead can result in the loss of millions of lives in the United States.