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US Cities That Could Be Destroyed By North Korea – How Powerful Are They?

The tensions between North Korea and the United States continue to heat up each week. President Trump has made it clear that he has his finger on the button that will rain down a fire upon North Korea unlike any other if the dictator does not stop pursuing nuclear capabilities. Each time President Trump issues Kim Jong-un a warning, the dictator launches another missile over japan and closer to the United States.

If Kim Jong-un loses his temper and does retaliate, what US cities could a North Korean missile completely destroy?

The Increase in North Korea Missile Testing
To better understand exactly how powerful North Korea has become, we have to simply look at how close to the United States those missiles are landing. It is clear that Kim Jong-un is not showing all his cards, but every launch, his missiles are inching closer and closer to almost bait President Trump into a full-scale nuclear war. How far does Kim Jong-un have his nuclear program no one knows for sure, but one thing is certain, his program appears to be moving forward and he is showing zero signs of backing down.