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US Cities That Could Be Destroyed By North Korea – How Powerful Are They?

Inching Closer Towards the West Coast
Word from the South Korean joint chiefs of staff is that Kim Jong-un already can easily hit Anchorage Alaska with a warhead on a missile. The reason for this determination is based on the payload, the accuracy needed to hit that part of the United States can easily be accomplished based on many recent test launches over Japan that have traveled further and more accurate than anyone thought possible. It appears that North Korea may have more nuclear capabilities than they are letting on. Each missile that lands in the Pacific Ocean is a defiant slap in the face directed at President Trump.

More Accurate Missile Launches
Each time Kim Jong-un defies a direct order by President Trump and launches another test missile, he proves he can and will reach further into the United States than anyone thought possible. Despite the threat of the United States wiping North Korea and millions of innocent people off the map, the North Korean dictator is not backing down. If the warhead were lighter, the accuracy of the missile could go further. If this is the case, then Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland, all major US west coast cities, would all be within the range of a nuclear attack from North Korea.