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US Cities That Could Be Destroyed By North Korea – How Powerful Are They?

Impacting Central United States This Year
As frightening as it may be for the west coast of the United States if North Korea launches a nuclear missile, central US cities could also be in jeopardy. Each month when Kim Jong-un tests another missile, the accuracy and range improve. The smaller the load, the more accurate the launch, and this then places cities like Denver, Chicago, and Houston on the map of destruction. The reason many in the United States fear Kim Jong-un is inching closer is because his last missile launch flew over one hour and easily cleared over 600 miles while flying over 2,000 miles in the air. If these numbers improve, the United States has reason to be concerned.

Reaching President Trump’s Hometown
Kim Jong-un has made it very clear how he despises the President of the United States and all the rats that live here. He would love nothing more than dropping a warhead right on the hometown of the President, and if that is his plan, then New York City and the entire east coast of the United Sates are now in play. If the United States even attempted to strike first but left some of the country in tact, missile launches could be directed as far as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Even if these missiles were to miss the intended targets, they could still destroy cities on every corner of the United States.

If Kim Jong-un can launch a nuclear warhead, then anywhere in the United States faces catastrophic devastation. It basically comes down to the principles of science as to which cities in the United States are vulnerable to a nuclear attack from North Korea. The light the potential payload on a missile, the more accurate and further they will travel. Giving Kim Jong-un more time is only increasing his confidence and his potential for completely destroying the United States.