10 Biggest Myths Of Healthy Eating You Most Likely Believe


4. Trans Fats and Saturated Fats Are The Same

When people hear about trans fat and saturated fats, they immediately label both of them as unhealthy and dangerous. Both are actually different from one another. Trans fat are considered unsaturated fats that have undergone chemical process to achieve a solid form and longer shelf life. The whole process of manufacturing it involves high heat, hydrogen gas, a metal catalyst and high pressure. Trans fat can be dangerous to your health because it is highly toxic. On the other hand, saturated fat is actually harmless.

5. Milk Is Healthy For Everyone

Generally, milk can offer health benefits. However, milk that has undergone pasteurization is not a healthy option at all. Remember that when milk is pasteurized, its physical structure is modified. This change in physical structure can cause immune problems and allergies. During the pasteurization process, essential milk enzymes are destroyed. Apart from this, vitamins B6, B12, A and C are diminished. Moreover, the fragile proteins in milk are converted into unnatural amino acids that may affect your health in a negative way.

6. Everyone Should Eat Whole Grains

Copious health-related articles you can find online would say that whole grains are healthy for everyone. However, this is not actually the case. As a matter of fact, eating whole grains can increase the levels of insulin in the body, elevating the risk of disease. On the other hand, whole grains contain gluten. People who are allergic to gluten may suffer from different signs and symptoms such as severe skin rashes and digestive problems. People with Celiac disease should never include whole grains in their diet. This autoimmune disease is caused by gliadin, a particular gluten protein found in whole grains.

7. Margarine Is Healthier Than Butter

Butter has been included in the list of unhealthy foods. With this, many people avoid it specifically those who are very conscious of their health. As a result, they choose margarine over butter. Little do they know, margarine is an unhealthy food choice. It is artificially produced in factories and is packed with processed vegetable oils. The truth of the matter is, butter is a healthier option compared to margarine.