10 Biggest Myths Of Healthy Eating You Most Likely Believe


8. Saturated Fat Causes Heart Disease

They say consuming saturated fat can lead to heart disease. This is not true at all. In fact, saturated fats provide the building blocks for the body’s cell membranes and hormones. They can help in promoting proper function of the body. These fats are carriers of essential vitamins such as A, K, D and E.

9. Soy Is A Healthful Addition To Your Diet

Contrary to common belief, there have been studies showing the relationship between various health problems and unfermented soy. According to the studies, consuming unfermented soy may lead to digestive distress, thyroid dysfunction, reproductive disorders, poor immune system, malnutrition, heart disease, cancer and infertility.

10. Artificial Sweeteners Are Good For Weight Loss

Most people opt for artificial sweeteners as a substitute to sugar because they believe these sweeteners can promote weight loss. This is definitely wrong. Studies show that artificial sweeteners can promote cravings for sweet, leading to weight gain. Also, they may disrupt the natural ability of the body to count calories.

Biggest Myths Of Healthy Eating You Most Likely Believe – A Last Thought

Many people are victims of widespread misconceptions. If someone tells you a specific healthy eating information, make sure you do necessary research and investigation before believing it. When it comes to your health in general, you should always be cautious in everything you do and believe in. As much as possible, seek the help of an expert if you are into healthy eating or following a particular diet program.