10 Things That Cause Dark Circles Under Your Eyes



Many people are suffering from under the eye dark circles. They rely on cucumber, eye cream or serum and other methods to lessen or cure the dark circles. Little do they realize, there is a need to determine the real cause of the problem for you to know how to properly treat it. The truth is, there are different things that cause under the eye darkness and puffiness. Here’s a list below.

1. Kidney Problems

Most of the common causes of under the eye dark circles are simple and not harmful. Unfortunately, one of the possible reasons they appear is that you may have a kidney problem and it can be serious. If a person is suffering from kidney problems, some of the other signs include swollen ankles, enlarged fingers, etc. If you suspect that you have a kidney problem, it is best to go to your doctor right away and have some tests done.

2. Stress

Stress has always been a bad thing. When a person is stressed, the fragile capillaries around his or her eyes tend to break or leak blood. And then the blood spreads out under the skin, leading to oxidization. When it becomes oxidized, it forms a dark purple hue. This is the reason stress can make dark circles appear. The bad news is, they look more noticeable.

3. Hereditary

If the section under your eyes appear dark since childhood, chances are, it runs in your family. They are often a trait inherited from one generation to another. It is never a bad thing if this is the reason why you have darker under eye compared to other people. Sometimes, there are children who outgrow them, other people will not. However, if you believe that it is not something that runs in your family, consult a doctor to find out the reason.

4. Smoking

Have you been smoking all these years? This is probably the reason why the portion under your eyes is dark and puffy. According to experts, smoking increases the loss of collagen from the skin. When this happens, it leads to the appearance of bags around your eyes and dark circles too. Smoking is never healthy. If possible, you should quit smoking and live a healthy lifestyle.