11 Signs You Are Consuming Too Much Protein


Excessive Protein in Organism
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein; in turn proteins are the building blocks of muscle tissues. Protein is an essential nutrient and the human body uses it to repair tissues and make new ones, regulate hormones and perform various metabolic functions. However too much of anything is good for nothing and protein is not an exception.

Excess intake of protein can lead to undesired health problems such as weight gain, kidney problems, high cholesterol, low calcium and much more. So, do you want to know whether you have higher protein content in your diet? Then you should watch out for the below 11 signs that tells you are consuming too much protein.

1. Weight Gain

Weight gain in one of the common signs that indicates you are eating more protein. Some high protein diets might cause quick weight-loss in the beginning, as a result of carbohydrate restriction, but may result in excess weight over time. Human body can utilize only a specific amount of protein every day. If you consume protein above than the required amount, the extra calories from excess protein will be stored as fat and you will most likely end up gaining extra pounds right back.