4 Simple And Effective Exercises Against Muffin Tops


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Step 2 – High-Intense Interval Training

Now you need to start incorporating high-intense interval training, otherwise known as HIIT, into your daily workout sessions. The biggest benefit to the high-intense interval training is that it fires up your metabolism during your workout and keeps it burning long after you have stopped. This allows you system to burn calories even when you are in your rested state. Incorporating the high-intense interval training into your routine is simple if you know how. For example, if you are already utilizing jogging as your calorie burning activity, then twice a week you will jog for a few minutes, then run at a vigorous speed, then back to jogging. Repeat this process for ten minutes until you can slowly work it into the routine for thirty minutes. Doing this twice a week will have a huge impact on trimming down that bulging muffin top.

Step 3 – Strength Training

Now that you have a solid base of ways to begin burning those excess calories, you need to maintain and increase surrounding muscle tissue to keep the muffin top from returning. It is impossible to just target that specific area and see optimal results, so utilizing all these techniques will trim down the fat, tone up the muscles, and allow your metabolism to keep that caloric fire burning long after you have stopped with these exercise routines. If you do not have a home-gym or strength training DVDs to work from, your local gym or YMCA has several classes during the week that will help you continue your journey. Two days a week you should schedule strength training, it will use up much more energy than fat to sustain itself. The target here is three sets of each strength training exercises you choose, eight repetitions per set.