4 Types of Women You’ll Meet At Your Office


Each and every office around the country has it’s share of female characters, and chances are very good that you will meet the best and the worst of these women at the job. Just in case you weren’t sure how to classify each of these women, we have compiled a list of the four different types of women you meet at your work regardless which type business or career you are currently engaged in.

The Know-it-All
– Every business around the country has that one woman working on the job that thinks she knows everything. Not only does she know how to do her job, she knows how to do your job better and even the owner of the businesses job too. She is familiar with all the dirt on every employee, and she knows when and when not to be asking for a raise based on the mood of the boss. In case you missed a key meeting, she has detailed notes about what happened and she knows who was missing and why. Best to stay on her good side because she could make your job that much harder if not.

The Mothering Mentor
– When you see the mentor in the office, she is the kindest and most loving employee on the payroll. She embodies everything that you love in your mother, but better, she is going to make your job easier any way that she can. She cares about when you are not feeling well, she remembers your birthday, she genuinely wants you to succeed, and she is the person you need to go to when trying to navigate workplace etiquette. She is the woman who will help you with questions even when she is on her lunch break, she will listen to your concerns, and she is going to give you sound advice for advancing your career.