4 Types of Women You’ll Meet At Your Office


The Best Friend Coworker – How great is it when you connect with one female employee to the point that you want to hang out with her even when work is done for the day. This coworker loves your jokes, shares your style, and wants to goof-off on break with you any chance she can. The two of you joke without saying a word, finish each other’s sentences, and you have developed a personal relationship with her that makes those hours on the job actually bearable.

The Gossip Queen – This is the woman at work you try to keep your personal life from at all costs, but you snuggle up with when you want the dirt on that newest cute guy in the office or the girl who took your position. You learn to be on best behavior around her because you will become the topic of her next discussion. She is a great source of information too, she knows about who is getting pink slips, what employees have secret relationships. and who has been siding up to the boss after hours. So, Once you can identify these women on the job, you know who your allies are and who to avoid at all costs.