5 Clothing Styles That Will Tell You a Lot About a Person


Clothing Styles That Will Tell You a Lot About a Person
2. Hip hop and saggy clothing:

This attire is becoming fairly popular among young people. People have named the styling as hip hop styling and have started to associate this particular styling with rebellion. If you see people wearing this kind of attire, with oversized T-shirts, flat brimmed caps and saggy and waist low trousers, you will almost certainly know that they are rebelling about something. Usually, the practitioners of this particular style do not come from a great or stable economic background and they like a culture where absolute personal freedom is encouraged and no particular restrictions are made in their way of living their life.

3. Exposed clothing

In modern age, the trend to sport clothing which bare more than they hide have been on a rise. People are getting and asking for freedom of clothes and they demand to wear whatever they like. The practitioners of this style are generally teenagers and youths. This particular style is popular in both the genders. In this style, people wear minimalistic attire and take pride in wearing them. Their whole attire will tell you that they are the people who fear absolutely nothing and are up for newer challenges in life. It will also tell you that they are not always in very good terms with their family members but they have a number of friends upon whom they can rely at any given time.

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