5 Crucial Nutrients You Need To Get Every Day


Crucial Nutrients You Need To Get

When you are eating healthy, you provide your body vitality, energy, and the ability to fight off diseases. The foods that you consume each day fuel the body and allow the organs to function properly. In research conducted at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City, getting the right nutrients in the body each day is crucial for preventing diseases, boosting mood, increasing energy, and improving the quality of your life. In order to get off to a good each morning, it is helpful if you better understand these five crucial nutrients you need to get every day.

These five nutrients will help you to stay healthy and allow the organs in the body to perform optimally.

1. Water 

The main function of water in the body is that it enables vital bodily functions. To better understand how important it is to get the right amount of water in our body each day, you can go weeks without eating, but after a couple days without water you will perish. Water is by far the most important nutrient for improving bodily functions and distributing essential nutrients to all the cells in the body. According to research that was conducted at the Institute of Medicine, the average male should drink 125 of water each day, while women should be getting 90 ounces. The report states 20% of that total water intake can come from foods with a high-water content like leafy vegetables or fruits.

2. Minerals and Vitamins

Consuming the appropriate amount of minerals and vitamins is essential for maintaining optimal health. Studies conducted at the DC Area Dietetic Association show that getting the daily recommended allowance of these nutrients will help your body to survive. They not only aid in normal growth and development, they help to support a healthy nervous system and ensure your bones are strong. These minerals and vitamins can easily be taken in a supplement or are plentiful in the fruits and vegetables available in your local grocery produce section. Fresh fruits and vegetables not only have high water content, they are packed with the essential nutrients all the organs of the body need tho thrive.