5 Dangers of Removing Moles From Your Skin


Dangers of Removing Skin Moles
Chances are pretty good that you have one or more moles somewhere on your body. Most of them are in areas where they are not visible to people, it is the ones on your face, neck, and arms that most people have issues with. According to Princeton University, the mole is a spot on your skin that has more pigment producing cells than in other areas of your body. These moles tend to be round in shape, are symmetrical, and are usually benign. Many people simply prefer to have the moles removed for a number of reasons, and this is usually done clinically by doctor or dermatologist in their clinic. The doctor will first perform a small biopsy on the mole, where a sample is drawn and then placed under a microscope. Once the mole is determined to be malignant, the dermatologist can cut off the mole.

Before you go rushing to the doctor, now is a good time to become familiar with some dangers of removing moles from your skin.

1.Causing Nerve Damage
One of the rare dangers of removing moles from your skin is suffering nerve damage. While an allergic reaction to the local anesthesia is common, severe nerve damage could result in some patients. The never damage from having the mole removed could cause an inability to sense chest pain, cause excessive sweating, and cause dry eyes and mouth. The body could become weak, causing muscular atrophy, twitching, or even paralysis. Sensory nerve damage causes intense pain, sensitivity, prickling, numbness, and a burning sensation that does not subside. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, in the most severe cases a person could start having problems with positional awareness. While these may be rare, they are something to consider if you are looking to have a mole removed for cosmetic reasons.