5 Dangers of Removing Moles From Your Skin


Skin Mole Removal is Dangerous
2. The Pain of Mole Removal
Having one or several moles removed from you body can be quite a painful experience to say the least. According to information released by the Mayo Clinic, the amount of pain a person will experience as a result of having moles removed is in direct relation to the method of removal that was used. Depending on the size and location of the mole, your doctor may not be able to simply shave off the mole, so they will have to burn it off. Burning will irritate the surrounding skin and feel like you have a severe sun burn that lasts for days. If the mole is larger, the amount of pain increases. If you have a sensitivity to blood or pain, then you will certainly want to reconsider having the mole removed by scalpel or scissors. The pain is not only excruciating, you are going to be quite uncomfortable for many days. The procedure itself is painful, but there are so many variables that come into play that make it worse. Moles on sensitive areas of the body that are large can result in serious irritation that will most likely require a prescribed pain medication from the doctor to help make you comfortable.

3. Leaving a Permanent Scar
In many cases, after the mole has been removed from the body a permanent scar could result. The bigger the mole, the bigger that scar could be. According to the Mayo Clinic, larger moles require sutures to heal the skin and stop bleeding. The sutures could lessen the chances of the skin scarring. Each person is different, so while many see those scars fade away in time, others need to see the doctor again for skin resurfacing to completely remove the scar. Each time that you have to have a procedure done, you are increasing your risk of having one or more of the serious side effects that we have already discussed. When the mole in on the face, you need to really weigh the options because a scar could be more unsightly than the little mole that you were trying to make disappear. Consider having the moles burned using an electric current, or freezing of the mole to facilitate the removal. The results will often depend on the skillfulness of the dermatologist, so be sure to check references and do your research before you have any type of procedure performed.