5 Dangers of Sleeping Near Your Cell-Phone at Night


Cell- phone and Negative Features

If you are sleeping with your phone under your pillow or just out of reach on a night stand, you are like the 45% of cell phone owners who need to have their mobile devices close at hand. The reasons for this are numerous, falling asleep while waiting for a call or text, using as an alarm clock, fear of missing a text message, or waiting for someone to post on their social media profile page. Although many head off to bed with the best of intentions, the simple truth is that keeping your cell-phone turned and near you while you try to sleep can be hazardous to your health. Consider these harms of sleeping near your cell-phone.

1.Setting Your Room on Fire

Although you might not believe it at first, your little cell-phone has enough power to spark and cause a fire very easily. If you are sleeping with the mobile device under your pillow, a spark could easily ignite those dry materials and start a fire right under your nose. If this seems highly unlikely, one only need to do a search for the teen in Texas who replaced he Samsung S4 battery with a non-original battery, and the end result was it sparked and set her pillow on fire while she slept. Incompatible phone batteries can easily spark, and if the phone is near flammable materials, a fire could ignite quite easily while you are sound asleep.