5 Healthy Acne Crushing Foods that Fight Pimples


Healthy Acne Crushing Foods
5. More Fruits and Vegetables

The healthy benefits for your skin continue to expand when you start incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Just like exercising, you can’t expect to do 100 push ups today and stop and expect to see long-lasting results. It is easy to incorporate more veggies and fruits because so many have so many benefits. Berries and spinach are packed with antioxidants, which attack roaming free radicals that cause skin damage and your breakouts. Eggs, leafy greens, soybeans, and nuts are rich in vitamin E and protect the skin from acne scarring. Onions, almonds, and whole grains contain selenium, helping to preserve the skin’s elasticity and reducing inflammation. Not only is snacking on these foods a healthier choice, you will feel stronger, look younger, and stop acne from spreading.

Incorporating more of these foods that fight pimples will certainly go a long way in improving the condition of your skin. If you want to attack the problem from both ends of the stick, you need to identify and start eliminating more of the foods that are leading to your outbreaks as well. Avoid eating as many white foods from your diet as possible. White rice, mashed potatoes, white flour, french fries, and white bread, are some of the worst foods that you can be eating that contribute to the outbreak of pimples and acne. Refined sugars are causing the blood sugar levels to spike and leading to frequent acne outbreaks. Simply replace white foods with some of the ones we discussed earlier, and you will be able to reduce the chance of pimples returning.

Having clearer skin is not about completely changing your shopping list and the foods you enjoy, it is all about incorporating more of the foods that go to work at improving the health of your skin. Drinking more water in place of sugar drinks will also go a long way in removing those toxins from the body that can be a contributing factor in your acne. The saying about you becoming what you eat is especially true with acne and outbreaks because [poor food choices have an immediate negative impact on your skin condition. One of the other advantages to eating more of these healthy foods that fight pimples, you will start to feel amazing both inside and out.