5 Important Things To Do After Exercise


5. Eating After Exercising

Consuming proteins after a workout is important because it will help the body to repair damaged muscles. Getting the body the amino acids and proteins after exercise works the same as hydrating the body. The body is craving sustenance after you exercise, so you need to step up and answer that call by making sure that you eat food within 30 minutes of the workout. According to the author of The Pinterest Diet, Mitzi Dulan, RD, eating after you exercise reduces muscle soreness and optimizes recovery. If you are not able to get to a meal quickly after you exercise, take advantage of all the healing benefits associated with consuming protein shakes. These shakes essentially kickoff the rebuilding process, there are a tremendous variety of shakes available that cater to all tastes. Other alternatives to the protein shake, beef jerky, cottage cheese, or yogurt.

These five things to do after exercise are important, but there is one more that is quite obvious yet overlooked by many people who regularly exercise. It is extremely important that you shower and change your clothes after you exercise, if nothing else, at least get out of those sweaty clothes and change. According to dermatologist Neal Schultz, MD, that trapped moisture from the sweat is a breeding ground for yeast, fungus, bacteria, and germs. These conditions will lead to breakouts and skin infections at the least. Although this is obvious, many people who exercise are squeezing in their workout routines into their busy day and simply rushing off to their next task without properly cleaning themselves. Things will begin to start growing on those sweaty clothes, so wash, change, and hydrate.