5 Reasons You Should Never Listen To Music With Maximum Volume


 Bad Results Of listening to the music with high volume

Nowadays music has pretty much taken over the world and with the new types of music comes the consequences. We now hear club or house music every day and the fact is that it is much better when it’s really loud than it is when you listen to it on a low volume. This is fine, however there are dangers that come with listening to your music with the maximum volume. The obvious danger is you may lose your hearing in the long run, however there are also many other dangers that can cause you a lot of bother over the years. The general rule is that for the optimum experience listening to music you should listen to it with the volume set at 60%. This way you can hear the music clearly and block out most of the surrounding noises around you but also lower the risk of damaging your ears. Now let’s move on to the reasons you should never listen to music with max volume.

1.Loss of hearing:

The clear danger that everyone knows about, however it needs to be taken seriously. You may not notice the gradual decline in your hearing but you are guaranteed to notice it in your later life. The loss of hearing is a process that takes time and often years to notice, however when it does happen you will be frustrated almost every day of your life struggling to hear anybody. Most people will require a hearing aid in order to live their life normally, however not everyone is so lucky as you could end up completely deaf. Doctors and medical experts are constantly trying to remind us of this danger but nobody seems to be listening. Don’t be one of those people, take care of your body and you will appreciate it later in life.

2.No sense of direction:

Your ears are the crucial body part that give you a sense of direction. Even if you only had one ear you would have literally no sense of direction at all so losing your hearing could be dangerous. For example if you’re crossing a busy road and aren’t paying proper attention you often rely on your ears to inform you of any cars coming. With no sense of direction you won’t know what direction the sound is coming from. This is therefore a very dangerous risk involved with listening to music on max volume.