5 Reasons You Should Never Listen To Music With Maximum Volume


 Bad Results Of listening to the music with high volume
3.It will affect you negatively at work:

In many jobs you might need to communicate regularly with customers or business associates. Therefore your hearing is a crucial aspect of the job. However if you endure a loss of hearing through listening to music too loud then you will start noticing extremely frustrating effects. One of which is not being able to hear and understand people properly. Often people with damaged hearing can’t actually work out what a person is saying as their voice will seem slurred. This can really have an impact on you while you are working as you won’t be able to communicate properly or hear valuable information.

4.You will gradually lose your own ability to talk properly:

 Bad Results Of listening to the music with high volume

With bad hearing comes bad talking as you can’t hear yourself talking properly anymore. This can lead to you slurring your own words regularly and getting mixed up with high pitched sounds. For example with bad hearing you will most likely start to get confused between a high pitched ‘s’ sound and ‘th’ sound. If you are looking for a job then you may have trouble getting hired as this speech impediment may put an employer off you from the get go. You don’t want to come across as lazy with your words as it makes you look the complete opposite of presentable and makes employers choose someone else over you.