5 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Granola Bars


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3.Misunderstanding the Packaging

The granola bars manufactures have high-paid advertising executives on staff who understand that terminology has a lot to do with how consumers make purchases. A person is more likely to buy a box of granola bars that reads “natural’ or “healthy” without really understanding the meaning behind those words. According to the Food and Drug Administration, in order for a package of granola bars to be considered healthy, it must contain 1 gram or less saturated fat per each serving. The granola bar must not have 15 percent or more calories coming from saturated fat. In order to get that distinction, the manufactures will jam as much saturated fat as they can to be able to still claim they are selling healthy snacks. So according to the FDA, if a package has 3 grams of fat it can’t be labeled “healthy”, but because it adds some peanuts or coconuts, it can utilize the “natural” distinction instead.

4.The Dangers Hidden Within

So on the outside of the box you see the granola bar bursting with fruit flavors, covered with coconut or peanuts, and packed with granola and bran that make it irresistible. The main ingredient in most granola bars is sugar, and most packages will contain at least 24 grams of sugar to start. One cube of sugar is 3 grams, so that box of healthy granola bars is equal to 8 cubes of pure sugar. Refined white sugars, according to the Diabetes Foundation, is partly responsible for a huge variety of health issues. Rather than incorporate healthy sugars from raw honey, organic cane, and fruits, they substitute high fructose corn syrup because it simply makes the bars taste better. Read the list of ingredients carefully, the higher on the list you see some type of sugar, the more sugar in every bar.