5 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Granola Bars


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5.The Ingredients to Avoid 

Sugar should be the top ingredient to avoid because it can be added in a number of ways. Next down the list is partially hydrogenated oils, otherwise known as the trans-fats. According to studies at Web-MD, these man-made fats have been linked to a number of dangerous health issues. Artificial ingredients can be disguised under the names preservatives, flavors, colors, or sweeteners. If you do not recognize the ingredient, avoid those granola bars. Protein isolates like whey or soy in a granola should be avoided because it is not a natural food, it has undergone processing before being added to the granola. Canola oil is usually 93 percent genetically engineered, and has been banned in many counties because it is considered unsafe for human consumption. Steer clear of soy flour or yellow corn flour, these two are also genetically engineered. Always look for organic ingredients, including honey, which can often be stripped away of its nutrients and lead to serious health issues.

If these reasons you should stop eating granola bars have not convinced you, consider that the American Heart Association states excess salt in granola bars can lead to high blood pressure, increased risk of strokes, stomach cancer, and heart disease. Reading that information label on the side of the granola bar box can help you to make healthier buying decisions. Too many consumers are fooled into believing that they are eating healthy foods because the box has big bright letters reading “All Natural”.

If you can not recognize the ingredients on any product you feed your family, leave it on the shelves. Although some granola bars are produced with minerals and vitamins, they lose they effect because of all the sugars packed in the bar as well. When the manufactures strip away beneficial ingredients like fiber and replace them with corn syrup and artificial flavoring to give the appearance they taste better, you run the risk of getting a whole laundry list of dangerous diseases as a result.