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5 Scary And Harmful Effects of Sleeping With Your Make-Up On

Sleep with Make-Up On and Harmful Effects
That bacteria will easily damage your skin even if you removed the make-up the next day because the remnants from the night before are trapped in the pillowcase. The defensive system within your body simply can not fight off all the chemicals in the make-up and the bacteria on your pillow at the same time. Removing your make-up before bed and frequently washing your pillowcases will go a long way to cleaner and healthier skin.

5.Discoloration of Your Skin

One of the most visible negative effects of wearing make-up to bed is the discoloration of the skin. It doesn’t matter if you leave on the eye-liner, the foundation, lipstick, or highlights, each of these contain hundreds of toxic chemicals that are affecting the pigmentation of the skin. Women who go to bed with their make-up on too often will notice that even when they take off the make-up, those areas have changed in color, appearing to look like some type of make-up even though nothing is present. To avoid these patchy areas of discoloration, remove the make-up nightly so that you don’t appear to look older than you really are. Once the damage is done, you will not be able to reverse the process, so a few extra minutes each night can go a very long way.

Prevention of these harmful effects can be achieved when women are made aware of the harmful effects of sleeping with your make-up on. Regardless how tired, busy, or distracted that you might be, you can have a huge positive impact on the appearance of your skin by getting those toxic chemicals off the surface of the skin and your pillowcase. You will notice almost immediately that when you do remove the make-up at night, your skin will look more supple, feel softer, and look refreshed. The ability to fight off premature aging of the skin rests in your efforts to remove the make-up each night before bed.