5 Simple Exercises For Good Looking Hips


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The lower body is a source of problems for many people because it is usually where things like cake, ice creams, and cookies come to rest. Thousands of years ago, the hips were where fat was stored in order for humans to survive long cold winters or seasons of severe droughts. Today we do not have to deal with those conditions, but the body continues to operate in conservation mode if you are not specifically targeting the area with simple exercises for good looking hips. With food available at our fingertips, we no longer need to store fat, but unfortunately the human body has not yet caught up with the current times. While cutting back on your caloric intake can help, these five simple exercises for good looking hips will certainly transform your shape and help you shed all that excess fat.

The following exercises will help you firm up those hips and tone surrounding muscles. Start slow and set you goal to do at least one step the first day. If you are already exercising on a regular basis, then push for one complete set each day to start. Each day push a little further until you are working out those hips for at least one hour three times each week. Before you know it, the hips will be toned and your metabolism will burn away that excess fat even when you are in a rested state.

1. The Side Jump

The side jump exercise targets the outer hips, glutes, and inner thighs. Start this hip shaping exercise by standing up straight with your hands on your hips. Now hop three feet to the left, landing on the left foot with that left knee slightly bent. Next, bring the right foot to the floor. Now hop three feet to the right, landing on the right foot with that right knee slightly bent. Next, bring the left foot to the floor. Repeat this exercise until you have completed a total of fifteen reps on each leg.