5 Things Girls Love The Most In Their Lives


Although it can be very difficult to read a girl’s mind, make no mistake about it that there are certain things she has to have in her life in order to thrive. She is constantly getting rid of old habits and incorporating new things in her life as she grows, but there are a few things that remain constant. Here are some of those surprising things girls love the most in their lives they can’t live without.

1. Her Need for Freedom – We are not talking about being single forever and just flying by the seat of her pants, we are talking personal freedom. She grew up listening to mom and dad all her young life, and the need for independence is driving her to express herself in fun and creative ways. She has this clock ticking inside that says she will be a mom someday too, so that time in between she wants to be able to feel that freedom while it lasts.

2. Best Friends Forever – Most of the real close relationships she will make with her girl friends are the ones that last her entire life. These BFF’s are the ones she will invite to her wedding, share in the birth of each other’s kids, and have those girl’s night out plans for years to come. She needs her best friends in her life to share the good and bad times, and to just know that someone always has her back.