5 Things Girls Love The Most In Their Lives



3. The Flower Garden – She has this deep and emotional connection to flowers from the time she was a little girl. She has her own favorite flower, and just being around flowers makes her smile. She might need fresh-cut flowers each day on the kitchen table, or she has started her own flower garden in the yard that she will spend quality time in to help her connect with nature on a deep level most can not understand.

4. The Caring Mother Inside – It doesn’t matter if she is a teenager or a grandmother, she has this inherent need inside to help others. When she is still a little girl, she might want to volunteer her time at the pet shelter or the local hospital. As she grows up, she may want to babysit for other families or donate her time at her favorite charity. During her free time, she considers volunteering a break from the stress in her day and enjoys those feelings of helping other people without expecting anything in return.

5. Her Pet – Whether it is a cat, puppy, or bunny, she has to be connected to a pet to help her deal with those lonely times and give her the ability to express her love for another creature. Regardless of her busy schedule, she will always make time for her furry little friend that is waiting at home, and develops a strong bond almost instantly caring for something that is helpless without her.

These things girls love the most in their lives may have surprised you because it is not always about possessions. She is an emotional creature that has needs that drive her throughout her life, and help to shape the woman she is becoming.