5 Ways to Get a Small loan With Bad Credit


How to Get a Small loan With Bad Credit
4. Take a loan from Family or Friends

If all the above methods are not working well for your case, you may consider borrowing some money from your family members or even friends. This is normally the last resort for many people out there whose credit reputation at the bank is either not good or they have never build their reputation by building their credit limits. If you are among them, do not have to worry as you can borrow some money from your father or even your friend who has a job already. Treating a loan from someone you know and who trusts you but this time take it a serious business and write down an agreement between the two of you. The agreement may include the interest rates at which you are going to repay the loan, the period at which you will take to repay it and what happens if you fail to repay the debt. Promissory notes can be obtained from the various sites in the internet. If you are borrowing a loan to buy a home, it should be secured properly in order to take advantage of the low mortgage interest rates deduction. As I said before, this should be your last resort because it is not good to have a debt make the relationship between you and your friends go sour over a bad debt.

5. Appeal to a Co-signer

If none of your friends or your family members is willing to lend you the money, do not lose hope, at least one of them with good credit could be willing to be a co-signer of your loan at the bank. Someone who understands your situation and who knows your ability to repay the loan can be of great help to you as most probably, he/she is willing to co-sign the loan with you. You should bear in mind that in case of your failure to repay the loan, it is the co-signer who will be under obligation of repaying the loan in full with all the interest. So it is good to hold on to your end of the promise and repay the loan promptly and you stand a better chance of borrowing on your own next time since now you have improved on your credit limit with the bank.

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