6 Dangerous Diseases Caused by the Fat Around Your Belly


Fat belly is Risk of Developing Asthma
3. Potential to Develop Cancer

The bottom line when it pertains to your health, belly fat can in fact cause cancer! According to research and studies conducted at the American Association for Cancer Research, the risk for developing different types of cancer is substantial when you have deep belly fat. In an alarming development that was discussed on the Dr. Oz show, the risk for developing cancer from belly fat and smoking were exactly the same. Since you are probably already aware of the dangerous health risks from smoking cigarettes, you can easily see how important it is to start working on reducing that excess fat from around your midsection. This alarming research showed that belly fat can increase a person’s risk of developing endometrial, kidney, colon, and pancreatic cancers.

4. Risk of Developing Asthma

While you might not think belly fat and asthma have an association together, information provided by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute show that abdominal obesity can in fact lead to asthma. Breathing at a low lung volume results in the muscles becoming tighter and causing the airway to become narrower. The result is the obese person breathing quite heavily even after doing simple tasks like walking or climbing the stairs because they can only inhale a small amount of air. In turn, those obese patients can develop some degree of asthma and find themselves hospitalized as a result. In an alarming study, over 75% of the patients that were treated for asthma in an emergency room were obese or overweight.