6 Dangerous Diseases Caused by the Fat Around Your Belly


Fat Belly Causes Lack of Quality Sleep
5. Higher Risk of Diabetes

According to research released in the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the triggers for diabetes can be excess fat. Belly fat can trigger the symptoms of diabetes because the excess fat predisposes the individual for insulin resistance. One of the reasons for this occurrence is because the belly fat is very active hormonally, and in doing so it secretes hormones that are called adipokines that impair the glucose tolerance. To understand this process on medical terms, an increase in belly fat raises the serum resistance levels which has a direct impact with insulin resistance. These studies went on to confirm that there is a direct correlation between belly fat and diabetes.

6. Lack of Quality Sleep

Sleep apnea is one of those silent killers that can strip you of healthy years very easily if you are not actively monitoring your weight. When you begin to see the scale climb as your waistline increases, you may find that your ability to get a good sound sleep at night diminishes. According to research conducted by the Mayo Clinic, there is a direct link between too much belly fat and sleep apnea. When you are jolted awake all night because your breathing stops and starts due to all that excess weight, you wake up feeling exhausted and run down. This causes added stress and anxiety in your day, which only compounds your ability to fall asleep the following night. Excess fat in the midsection can cut off airflow and reduce the amount of air to the brain and vital organs while you sleep.

These diseases associated with belly fat are very serious, and just because you feel fit but have that spare tire around your waist should not lull you into some false sense of security. These six dangerous diseases caused by the fat around your belly could have a long-lasting negative impact on your overall health and wellness for years to come. If you are having trouble reducing the fat around your midsection, speak with your physician who can put you in touch with a dietician who will get you on the road to a healthier you.