6 Signs The Sugar Level is High in Your Blood


Signs the Sugar Level is High in Your Blood

Whenever the sugar levels in your blood rise frequently, the condition is medically known as hyperglycemia. The sugar, or glucose, enters your body from the foods you eat, as well as being created with other chemicals in the muscles and liver. The blood then carries the glucose, blood sugar, to every cell within the body. In order for the blood to effectively carry the glucose to be used as an energy supply in the cells, it needs help from a hormone made in the pancreas called insulin. Although blood sugar levels vary during the day, there are obvious signs the sugar level is high in your blood. If the blood sugar levels remain high for too long, major health complications can arise.

The following are some signs the sugar level is high in your blood, and with regular monitoring and visits to your physician, you can avoid serious complications while controlling your blood glucose levels.

1.Difficulty Concentrating and Headaches

One of the common signs the sugar level is high in your blood is you have difficulty concentrating during certain times of the day. Whether it be work or simply doing chores around the house, your brain feels like it is in a fog as you struggle to keep things on track. What happens after wandering through these tasks is you begin to develop migraine headaches that completely derail you from completing even the most menial tasks. The reason you are feeling that pain in the brain, according to studies conducted at the Mayo Clinic, there is too much glucose in the blood and your brain cells are not getting the right amount of glucose to perform properly.

2.Increased Need to Drink

During the day, when you blood sugar levels reach higher than normal levels, you have this unending feeling that you need to drink. If you drink water, it feels like you are going through bottle after bottle to quench your thirst, but your dry-mouth feelings never end. Even after you have a drink, you feel like you need to have more. One of the signs that you have high blood sugar is excessive thirst. The time to see your physician is sooner than later because that need to be drinking all the time could mean that you have diabetes and it may be worse than you thought. If you are struggling to satisfy your thirst even after drinking plenty of fluids, it is time to have your blood sugar analyzed.