6 Things Girls Don’t Want Guys To Know About Them


Regardless who she is and what she is telling you, she isn’t telling you everything. Seriously, if you knew everything about her, then why would you want to take that time to learn more about her. Part of her allure is her mysterious side, and it might be boring if you really knew more about her than she is letting on.

Today we are going to peel back that curtain and allow you to see just 6 of the things no girl wants a guy to know about them and they are desperately trying to hide from you.

1. Plucking Hair from Everywhere – Now you may know she is already plucking hair from her eyebrows, but it might come as a surprise those tweezers are going everywhere. To maintain a certain feminine look, she is plucking hair from her toes, fingers, lips, chin, and even from moles. Did you really think she looked that stunning naturally?

2. She Loves Your Clothes – We are not talking about her loving your style, she actually loves the smell of your clothing. If you only knew how much she enjoys your smell on her clothes, your clothes, her pillow, or caught her sniffing everything you’d be in for a real surprise.

3. Loving those Complements – Now she might tell you that on the surface she was offended when that construction worker whistled at her, or that she thinks it is out of line your friends call her hot, but deep down she is absolutely flattered. She actually loves the fact you get jealous when other guys tell her she is cute, it just shows her this guy really does care for her.